25 July 2017
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The Chord Company's New Sarum T RCA Interconnects Review
The Chord Company is no stranger to me as I have had many of their cables featured in my HiFi systems over the years and also had the full Signature and Indigo range in one of my HiFi systems about 10 years ago and was blown away by the difference that such a high-quality set of cables can do for a really good HiFi system. They reveal what lesser cables simply cannot and achieve a level of quality that a good system really does cry out for, and when I asked to review a pair of their new Sarum T Interconnects I was expecting a similar outcome but by how much I was not exactly sure.

For this review, I was already using a pair of the new Shawline Interconnects which have been very highly regarded by many reviewers and have done a very reasonable job of playing between my CD player and McIntosh Amplifier but in some ways I knew that the system was under performing with these in place and needed the performance boost that the new Sarum T could inject into my system.

Features and Build Quality

The new Sarum T is all hand built to the highest order and now they have brought the new Taylon Insulation technology that they introduced into the reference Music line of cables to a more affordable line which is the Sarum T. When I say affordable it is fairly expensive at £2,100 for a 1M RCA pair of Interconnects but in the grand scheme of HiFi, if you have a high-quality system then you will reap the rewards of having such a cable in your system. What is Taylon? Taylon is a revolutionary insulation material unique to The Chord Company. It originates from the most demanding military applications where highly advanced communication cables, both in space and on the ground, must offer predictable performance, regardless of environmental conditions. Taylon is phase-stable at typical room temperatures and its implementation within audio cables preserves the critical timing information within the music. It is the best performing dielectric the company has used over its 32-year history of design and manufacturing.

Performance and Sound Quality

Honestly, I was not expecting the level of performance upgrade that this new cable introduced into my system. It was immediate from the first time I turned my system on that there was a drop in the noise floor and instead of the music just starting it evolved from the inky black canvas that was the sound stage  Instead there was an immediacy to the music and colour that was so inviting in the sound that it seduced me into the music that the Shawline just simply lacked, the Shawline is no slouch when it comes to resolution but this cable far exceeded what could be considered a mediocre performance. The resolve and clarity that the Sarum T brought to the level of performance were just astonishing and a revelation in terms of the performance upgrade. Spinning Lana Del Rey's new album Lust for Life revealed a stunning tonal quality which differentiated each note played within the tracks and added a more natural dimensionality to the sound, the bass had more impact and took on a far more textured and tuneful feel to it.

It is hard to describe in words what this pair of Interconnects has done for my system as it has transformed my plain Cyrus CDi player into an absolute monster in terms of quality and resolve power. It is like I have upgraded to a new CD player such is the level of performance upgrade, it has more dynamic punch and detail retrieval which just seemed to sound flat and uninspiring before I changed to the Sarum T cables. My ProAc K6's just lapped up all of this information overload and presented one of the most accomplished performances to date. Lana Del Rey's voice sounds silky smooth with shifts in tone which just melts away and lingers in the sound stage with layers upon layers of information being revealed. Instruments sound more natural than ever and I am still trying to conceive in my mind how The Chord Company have managed to do this as it has left me speechless for once and I am lost for words in trying to convey what these have genuinely done for my system.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

I will just stop rattling on and try and sum up what the new Sarum T cables have introduced into the world of HiFi. If you are looking at upgrading your cables and have a high quality system to begin with then I would highly recommend in trying these cables out in your system as they can transform it from a good system, to something that sounds so much better. I have always known what a good cable can do for a good HiFi system but the new Sarum T and the Taylon insulation technology reveals just how much information can be lost and musicality in a system with lesser cables.

This is one Outstanding Product which deserves all the praise it can get and Chord have really pushed the envelope of R&D to another level.

Price at time of review £2,100 per 1M RCA Interconnect.

The Chord Company website

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